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RoundTable0418 - 不用PPT的课你想上吗?
   2017-04-18 15:16:29   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic 1 - Celebrity couples not to announce divorce to public

A Chinese celebrity couple has been hiding their divorce and pretending to show their love in front of the public, until the wife was found out dating another guy. The public became angry and criticized them for deceiving their fans. Why will celebrities hide their real marital status? And why do we care?

Topic 2 - A Beijing school ban on PPT

A primary school in Beijing has put restrictions on the use of Powerpoint in class, which has brought about heated discussion on whether multimedia is improving the quality of teaching or having the counter effect?

Topic 3 - Top 10 Chinese cultural quirks

You may have heard the phrase, "let's get weird" in pop culture, but today on RT we are saying "let's get quirky"… and talk about the top 10 Chinese cultural quirks.