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RoundTable0417 - 养狗也有“积分制”?
   2017-04-17 14:42:47   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Who to stop the the Illegal construction in re4sidential buildings

According to Morning Herald, a daily newspaper in central China's Hunan province, a Mr.Xia fell from a balcony on the fifth floor when he visited his friend. The balcony is in the shared public area, and the protective hand railings were torn up by the order of a neighbor Mr. Zhang, who decided to take up the shared space for private use.

So, who should be responsible for his death? What's the role of property management companies in the illegal construction issues happening in residential place?

Topic2-Over 70 pct respondents agree uncivilized dog owners should get license seized

A survey shows that more than 70% of the 2000 respondents say they agree with a pilot system in Jinan that uncivilized dog owners will have points deducted which is comparable to how a drivers' license works. If all 12 points are deducted, one's dog owner license can be seized too.

Topic3-One person KTV

A Chinese games and entertainment company based out of Xiamen has thought of a new solution for people who love karaoke but might be too shy to belt a tune in front of a crowd. These private self-service karaoke booths can be found in shopping malls across the country.