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RoundTable0411 - 交警接过的是罚款还是买路钱?
   2017-04-11 14:19:13   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Massive layoff in the Internet industry

Word on the street says the Internet Industry is seeing massive layoffs. It is not uncommon to hear news of internet and technology companies trimming workforce, followed by the company's spokesperson clarifying the so-called rumors.

What's going on? How do you react if it's you getting the boot?

Topic2-Henan traffic police criticized for taking bribes from driver that violates traffic rules

An internet user posted a video clip which exposed a traffic police officer in central China's Henan Province taking 50 Yuan of cash from a cargo driver who violated traffic rules.

The video has stirred a heated discussion on what constitutes a bribe?

Topic3-Bird nest in pants

A student from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, in Central China's Hubei Province, surprisingly found a bird nest was built in his pants, after hanging them outside for two weeks. Is he the "laziest student" ever; or are you just as bad?