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RoundTable0407 - 一大波新兴职业向你袭来
   2017-04-07 14:56:18   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Why Chinese are unwilling to donate their cadavers

As traditional perceptions change, more people are becoming inclined to donate their organs after death to save the lives of other people. But the donation of bodies for medical research and education remains scarce.

We all know it's for a good cause, but why do people rarely do it?

Topic2-New occupations

Job trends encompass more than hiring and resource trends - the very nature of work is changing. Rapid technological changes are uprooting entire industries and changing the way we interact in the workplace.

Today in Chinese cities, a number of new occupations have emerged.

These prospective jobs including personal stylist or (personal shopper), pet's nutritionist, marriage consultant, hotel connoisseurs and customized travel advisor.

Topic 3-10 interesting facts about palmistry

When we talk about palms the first thing which comes into our mind is Palmistry. Is palm-reading an old superstition, or is there some degree of truth in it?

Palms have long been definite by the dimension and form. Let us know some interesting facts about palmistry. Have a look at the subsequent descriptions of what each stand for.