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RoundTable0320 - 大学毕业生为啥愿意当职业农民?
   2017-03-20 14:33:09   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Homemade food sold on Wechat difficult to supervise

Ordering food online has become a habit for many urban dwellers. Yeah, you can order via various food delivery platforms or in your Wechat moments or friend circle. Often the food sold by your Wechat friends have a cache--it’s all homemade.

Are Wechat friends always selling what they claim they are selling? Who’s to tell the food is clean enough to be put in your mouth?

Topic2-Professional Farmer

In Beijing, 18 college graduates have become professional farmers. With agricultural knowledge on planting and irrigation and ample experience in the labs, they are introducing modern agricultural technology to traditionally labor-intensive farm.

Will these highly educated professional farmers to be able to revamp China’s agricultural industry?

Topic3-Parents overspend on kid’s birthday party so kids can show off

Parents are under a lot of pressure to host their kids’ birthday bash, as the birthday party has become the most significant social event of the year for kids. Apparently, kids engage in a fierce competition of show off.

Time and money are splurged on the event. Why are parents endorsing this expensive birthday parties?