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The Beijing Hour updated 20:00 2017/03/19 
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The Beijing Hour


Evening  Edition



Bob Jones with you on this Sunday, the 19th of March 2017

Welcome to the Beijing Hour, coming to you live from the Chinese capital.

Coming up on our program...

Chinese President Xi Jinping expresses confidence in the future of Sino-US relations as US Secretary of State concludes his visit to Beijing.

China again stresses its opposition to all forms of trade protectionism during the annual high-level Development Forum.

Praise for the level of China Philippines business cooperation as a six-year development program for trade and economic cooperation is agreed.

North Korea conducts a ground test for a new type of high-thrust rocket engine.

Coming up in the 2nd half of the program...

We meet the Shanghai based Morocco-Belgian Long distance runner.

The Swiss-Israeli company helping researchers carry out experiments in space without leaving the earth.

All of that to come in the next 60 minutes - it's one and a half minutes past the hour.




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