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The Beijing Hour updated 20:00 2017/03/17 
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The Beijing Hour


Evening  Edition



Bob Jones with you on this Friday the 17th March 2017.

Welcome to the Beijing Hour, coming to you live from the Chinese capital...

On our program today

During a state visit the Saudi King meets China's premier Li Keqiang to discuss greater cooperation.

As the US Secretary of State arrives in Seoul, China again urges a halt to the THAAD missile defence system deployment, and a return to six party talks.

Curbing sky rocketing house prices seen as a government priority in 2017.

The world's wealthiest companies beating a path to China's Sichuan province.

And in the second half of the hour - in depth discussion.

How can China help in Saudi Arabia's quest for economic restructuring.

China's first steps toward a non-criminal legal code.

Global risks and China's increasing role in global governance.

All that and more to come in the next 60 minutes - it's one and a half minutes past the hour.




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