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RoundTable0314 - 基因检测比算命还神?
   2017-03-14 15:15:52   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-The secondhand car market in China

With the increase of car ownership, China's secondhand car market entered into a period of rapid development. Estimated at an average vehicle replacement cycle of 5-6 years, China's used car market is expected to usher in accelerated growth in the next few years, with trading volume to exceed 10 million vehicles by 2017. However, the second-hand car market is seeing problems, what needs to be done so that the industry can see healthy growth?

Topic2-Genetic testing industry

With recent advances in medical research on human genes, China has been seen as an emerging market for gene testing. By testing blood and other tissues, people can be informed of genetic disease and also potential talent.

Businesses are now cashing on the very natural fear but also dreams of people to become improved version of ourselves.

Topic3-9 Chinese alternatives to popular western dishes

If you are a foreigner in China, you could do as the locals do and sample as many of the plentiful dishes this country has to offer. However, try as you might, it's often hard to quell those cravings of Western comfort foods. Here's a list of 9 Chinese alternatives to popular western dishes made by Shanghai Expat, a forum in Shanghai.

Which is better?