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RoundTable0313 - 我们为什么需要仪式感?
   2017-03-13 14:52:02   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-How to resist brain-wash style rumors on wechat

A Wechat post persuading parents NOT to vaccinate their children has been deemed as falsified information online. Most recently, this wechat group has been terminated. Because of growing complaints and reports on wrongful information. However, the rumor had won a lot of parent followers.

Why do people fall victim to such rumors? And how can we avoid being deceived?

Topic2-Wearing make up for a mood to study

According to China Youth Online, the digital version of the newspaper China Youth Daily, many college students need to go through a set of rituals so that they could be mentally prepared for some serious studying. Some students need to put on makeup, some need to go to a coffee shop to study. Are being reasonable or pretentious?

Topic3-Can the delivery guy outfit get you a free meal?

For so many of us that rely on food delivery apps to be fed, when the courier guys turn up at your doorstep wearing their platform authorized special outfits, it is a sight for sore eyes.

Word on the street goes the delivery man's outfit can get you a free meal. Is it true?