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RoundTable0310 - 男人赚钱多才幸福?
   2017-03-10 15:14:59   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Toipc1-Chinese TV stars being dubbed The corrupting entertainment industry

It's common to see in today's Chinese TV drama series that key actors have been dubbed. A team of voice actors read out the lines in the studio after the filming process ends.

Are the actors we see on screen too incompetent? Why is this behavior accepted in showbiz?

Topic2-When a woman earns more than her husband

As your grandma might have said, there are some unspoken rules in a relationship that will secure a happy marriage. The top one being, a woman should never marry a man who earns less than her.

Topic3-Taobao online shop sells curse magic

Do you want to restore order in your life, find love and happiness, change your luck, or get the ultimate revenge on someone you hate? There are online shops that claim you can achieve all that by casting a curse spell. The price tag for such services ranges from 20 to 2000 Yuan.