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RoundTable0303 - 北京菜好难吃?
   2017-03-03 15:04:03   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Raising the children cannot be an exchange of supporting the old

A mother who’s severely ill sued her two adult daughters for refusing to take care of her. The daughters defended themselves in saying their mother never fulfilled the duties of a mother as they were growing up, therefore cannot expect children to perform their filial obligations.

Can grownup children refuse to support parents if parents weren’t there for them when they were growing up?

Topic2-Bejing food sucks

China is a food nation. As we have eight major culinary systems with distinctive flavors. Chinese people are proud of our local cuisine. As we can all name a few local dishes that can make your mouth water. However, Beijing being the capital has been accused of not being a capital of delicious foods. Moreover, people are asking: Why does eating in Beijing simply suck?!

Topic3-Differences between men and women

She asked her husband to “empty her online shopping cart” for her. She woke up only to realize that he’s deleted every shopping item.

GF: I would love to have some barbecue beef. BF: Why are you telling me that?

GF: You wanna play video games all night? Yeah, you can sleep in the internet cafe! BF: You are the best!

The list goes on.

Are men from the Mars and women from the Venus? Why do guys never get what the girls are really saying?