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RoundTable0301 - 儿童坠亡之殇的反思
   2017-03-01 14:56:43   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-2 kids killed after falling from shopping mall indoor balcony

A tragedy happened in the city of Tianjin. Two kids fell from 5 floors above in a shopping mall and died. The father accidentally dropped the kids while holding them on the indoor glass balcony. As we mourn the death of the two children and acknowledge the pain the devastated parents are going through, we need to ask that question: who’s responsible for the tragic death of the kids?

Topic2-Pepper spray on students

In the morning of Feb 26th, before the undergraduate entrance exams for the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in Shaanxi province started, roughly thirty thousand applicants were told to leave their phones at the entrance. After the exam concluded, the mass of students rushed to collect their devices, at which point a security guard started spraying students with pepper spray. A method to prevent chaos arguably caused more chaos.

Topic3-Relationship service

If you have a crush on someone special and want to ask him or her out, but don’t know how to do so, is there still a possible to getting together?

An online service is here to help you out! Can you find love this way?