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RoundTable0210 - 元宵节又快到啦!
   2017-02-10 15:10:16   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic1-Lantern Festival

The 2017 Lantern Festival is dawning within 24 hours. The Festival marks the end of the Spring Festival period and a resume to our busy everyday life.

Topic2-Celebrities crossover in many areas

Recently, 'celebrity crossover' has become a popular trend in the entertainment business. TV programs like King Cross and The King of Kanone have attracted many celebrities to be on the show and audience glued to the screen watching the show.

Seriously, for celebrities, isn't one slice of the fame pie enough?

Topic3-The incredible way your kissing style reveals secrets about your relationship

Everybody shows affection differently.

Whether in the way that we hug other people, or in the little things we do for those we care about, each of us expresses love in our own unique manner. But what exactly are we expressing when we are kissing?