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RoundTable0203 - 睡前故事的美好时光
   2017-02-03 15:20:35   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Wang Wei


Topic 1-70% of food removed from supermarket shelves later offered online: insiders

Industry insiders have revealed that some 70 percent of food pulled off the shelves in supermarkets, reenters the market through online e-commerce sites. Is this true and if so, is it a problem that requires our attention? Guys what's going on! What about my produce!

Topic 2-Bedtime stories

Bedtime is usually one of the least favorite time for many active children, who, just aren't tired yet! Needless to say, parents feel the opposite after a long day at work. Can bedtime stories bridge this gap seen between parents and their children. And if so, what can this method do for them and you? Lets chit chat, what's going on guys!

Topic 3-The change of the red pocket money

What do you like about Spring Festival? Is it eating with the fam, watching Chun Wan, playing with fireworks or possibly, ballin' out with red packet money?! It seem kids are getting more money these days? Is this the only change this tradition has seen? Lets talk about it! Guys what's going on?