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Hourly News updated 09:00 2016/02/13
   2016-02-13 08:55:51   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Luo Bin







Chinese FM calls for implementation of hard-won agreement at Munich Syria talks


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on all sides involved to make efforts to implement the agreements reached in Munich.

The comment comes as top diplomats attending the meeting have agreed on a nationwide cessation of hostilities in the war-torn Middle East country.

The delegation also called for an early resumption of peace talks, after the UN-mediated Geneva negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups within Syria were suspended earlier this month.

Wang Yi says that the next step is ensuring that the agreement will be implemented.

He urges all parties concerned to abide by the UN resolution and stick to political solutions.




U.S. House of Representatives Passes North Korea Sanctions Bill


The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation on Friday broadening sanctions to punish North Korea for its nuclear program.

The package includes sanctions targeting North Korea and those who do business with it.

[House Republicans and Democrats joined together on this vote, passing the measure by a vote of 408-2 and sending it to U.S. President Barack Obama to sign into law.

The Obama administration has said it is not opposed to the bill, but officials declined to say whether or when Obama would sign it.

The legislation also appropriates 50 million US dollars to transmit radio broadcasts into North Korea, purchase communications equipment and support humanitarian assistance programs.



China refutes British latest six-month report on Hong Kong


China's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement, urging Britain to stop interfering in China's internal affairs as they relate to Hong Kong.

The comment was made in response to the British government's latest six-month report to parliament on Hong Kong.

A ministry spokesman said that Beijing is strongly displeased with and firmly opposed to the report, adding that it contains groundless accusations against China.

The spokesperson says the principle of "one country, two systems" has made significant achievements, as Hong Kong residents enjoy every right and freedom they are entitled to in accordance with law.

The spokesman notes that the central government is determined to implement these principles in the future.



HK Court Charges Two More in Rioting Case


Two more men appeared in a Hong Kong court on Friday accused of rioting in Mong Kok on Monday night.

The number of people charged now stands at 40.

The two suspects have been released on bail pending trail in early April.

An arson case has also been reported earlier on Friday, with some 40 garbage bins burned in an amusement park.

Social organizations across Hong Kong have been taking to streets to denounce the violence in Mong Kok.

At least 130 people, including 90 police officers, were injured in a clash with rioters following a clearance operation on illegal hawkers in Mong Kok.



Taiwan quake death toll rises to 100


The death toll from the earthquake in southern Taiwan last weekend has risen to 100 people, while 20 others remain missing.

98 of the confirmed deaths happened at the 17 story Wei Guan building in Tainan City, which collapsed during the shaking early Saturday morning.

Rescuers say the chance of finding any more survivors is very slim because of the amount of time that has passed since the disaster. But search efforts will continue.



Hundreds relocated as 5.0-magnitude quake jolts Xinjiang


160 people have been relocated after a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck Xinyuan County in northwest China on Thursday night.

Cracks appeared in more than 300 homes in the Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region. 90 homes were seriously damaged and several collapsed.

No casualties have been reported as of Friday evening.



Spring Festival railway travel peaks in China


Railway passenger numbers here in China peaked on Friday.

About 9 million trips were made by train, up from Thursday's 7.9 million, as most Chinese were returning to work from family gatherings.

The number is expected to further increase as today is the final day of the Spring Festival holiday.

Railway authorities added 658 passenger trains on Friday.

China's weather observatory forecasts that a cold front will bring low temperatures, rain and snow to most parts of the country in the following days.

China's railway department said it has taken measures to prepare for the incliment weather.



2 peacekeepers killed, 30 injured as militants attack UN base in northern Mali


Two Guinean peacekeepers have died and 30 others have been injured after militants attacked a base in Northern Mali.

The attack began early on Friday when rockets were launched on the UN forces at the camp.

It occurred on the same day the German president was expected in the country for a one-day visit.

A military official says the UN force reacted immediately.

Security measures have been reinforced around the UN Mission in Kidal.



Strong quake strikes off central Indonesia, no tsunami alert


A strong undersea quake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale rocked central parts of Indonesia on Friday.

The quake was at a depth of 30-km.

No tsunami warning has been issued.

Indonesia is prone to quakes as it lies on a vulnerable quake-hit zone called "the Pacific Ring of Fire."









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