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Hourly News updated 12:00 2016/01/31
   2016-01-31 11:56:59   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Luo Bin




CPC publicizes violations of anti-graft code


The Communist Party of China's top discipline watchdog has named and shamed nearly 100 officials who have been found guilty of violating the Party's code of conduct in its latest disclosure.

The violations are connected to 96 different cases.

Among them have included over-the-top weddings and funerals, illegal bonuses, misuse of official vehicles and banquets paid for with public funds.

Punishments have included official warnings, demotions, expulsion from the CPC to removal from office.

While the cases are scattered across the country, Tianjin had 8 different violations on the latest list, the highest for a single region.



China drives off US destroyer intruding into Xisha Islands waters


The Chinese government is once-again calling out the United States for sending one of its naval vessels within 12 nautical miles of a Chinese-controlled island in the South China Sea.

The Defense Ministry says a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer, the Curtis Wilbur, sailed within 12 nautical miles of Zhongjian Dao in the Xisha Islands chain on Saturday without authorization.

The Defense Ministry says the incursion saw Chinese troops on the islands, as well as Chinese Naval vessels and warplanes, take immediate action to identify and verify the U.S. vessel before demanding it leave.

This incident is the latest in a series of steps the US side has taken as part of its so-called Freedom of Navigation exercises.

China's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement, calling on the US to respect and abide by Chinese laws, and not to undermine mutual trust, as well as regional peace and stability.



Chinese FM kicks off four-nation Africa tour


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has begun a 4-nation tour in Africa, including stops in Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique and Namibia.

The Foreign Ministry says by sending the Foreign Minister to Africa for his first trip of the year every year, it symbolizes China's commitment to China-Africa ties.

Top on Wang Yi's agenda will be how to implement the outcomes of the latest Forum on China-Africa Cooperation last year in Johannesburg.

As part of the summit in early December, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed 10 major cooperation plans for the next 3-years in areas such as industrialization, infrastructure, and poverty reduction.

After Wang Yi's time in Africa, he's due to head to London to attend a Syrian donors conference on February 4th.



Lack of pediatricians in the time of two-child policy


Concerns are being raised in China about a lack of medical professionals as the two-child policy takes effect this year.

New figures from China's public health statistical yearbook shows the number of pediatricians in China dropped by 5-thousand over the past 5-years.

This means there are only 43 pediatricians for every 100-thousand children in China.

It's being suggested low salaries, high pressure and high risk are the main reasons behind people's reluctance to become pediatricians.



China sees fewer fire casualties in 2015


New figures from the Ministry of Public Security are suggesting a decrease in the number of fire-related deaths last year in China.

Last year saw around 17-hundred people die in fires.

This is down around 4-percent compared to 2014 numbers.

Direct economic losses from fires last year hit nearly 4 billion yuan.

This is down around 16 percent compared to the previous year.

Public Security officials are attributing the declines to better fire safety checks.



Cancers cause 2.8 mln deaths in China in 2015: study


New analysis is suggesting as many as 75-hundred people may have died from cancer every day last year in China.

A study done by a group of Chinese researchers, published in a US medical journal, is suggesting cancer took the lives of an estimated 2.8 million people in China last year.

The figures are estimates based on analysis from over 70 different cancer treatment centers across the country.

The analysis also points to a sharp rise in cancer diagnoses, with an estimated 12-thousand new cases discovered every day.

The study suggests smoking remains one of the leading causes of cancer in China.



China has more than 100 mln stock market investors


New analysis is suggesting there are more than 100 million investors in the mainland stock markets.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission says the number of investors has increased by nearly 1.3 million in January alone.

Despite the massive swings the mainland markets have seen over the past year, an average of 68-thousand new investors entered the stock market every day in January.

The same analysis by the CSRC also shows the number investors who traded shares decreased through January.

This suggests investors could be sitting on the sidelines as they await more stability in the mainland markets.



"Kung Fu Panda 3" leads Box office


DreamWorks Animation's "Kung Fu Panda 3" has nabbed over 150-million yuan on its opening day in China.

This surpassed "The Minions" 120 million yuan on its first day.

The latest in the Kung Fu Panda franchise has also climbed to the top of the North American box office, pulling in 10.5 million US dollars on Friday.

It is on its way to rule the weekend box office, with a projected take of around 40 million US dollars. 





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