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Hourly News updated 09:00 2016/01/30
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Chinese miners rescued after 36-day ordeal underground


Four miners have been rescued from a collapsed mine in east China's Shandong Province after being trapped underground for over a month.

To extract the workers, the rescue team drilled two access shafts, using a large-diameter drill head.

This is the first time that such a rescue procedure has been applied in China.

The rescue team have been using the tunnels drilled after the accident to supply the four miners with food and clean clothing.

The gypsum mine collapsed on December 25, last year in Pingyi County, when 29 miners were working underground.

Eleven miners were saved immediately after the accident.

One miner was killed, and 13 others are still missing.



China rejects criticism of its human rights records


China's Foreign Ministry has rejected criticism of the country's human rights record by an international group.

Responding to a report from Human Rights Watch, ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said only the Chinese people themselves were in the best position to comment on their human rights situation.

The spokesperson also called on relevant parties to look at China's social development in an objective, fair and rational manner.

Hua Chunying added China was advancing the human rights cause in accordance with national conditions and the needs of the people.



Chinese ship to join search for MH370


A Chinese vessel is set to join the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 off Australia's west coast.

The Donghaijiu 101 will leave Singapore on Sunday.

It's going to join 3 other ships taking part in the search the wreckage of MH370, which has been taking place for close to 2-years.

The Chinese vessel is equipped with so-called Synthetic Aperture Sonar.

It's said to be more accurate than the side-scanng sonar which is being used in the search for the missing airliner.

MH370 disappeared in the early-morning hours of March 8th, 2014 while on a flight from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing.

Around two-thirds of the 239 passengers and the crew on board are Chinese nationals.



China Faces Risk of Zika Virus Imported


China has said the country faces a risk of the Zika virus' being brought into the country, but says that the chance of an outbreak is low.

China's National Health and Family Planning Commission warned of possible imported Zika cases, although no cases have been reported.

Disease-control experts said that if Zika cases were imported, it was less likely to spread because the cold weather was unfavorable for the mosquito-borne virus.

The World Health Organization warned on Thursday that the virus was spreading "explosively" in the Americas.

Tests for Zika have been developed in China, but with no vaccines, specific treatments or rapid diagnostic tests.

Since Zika was first reported in the Americas in 2014, imported cases have been confirmed in Europe, Asia and Oceania.



U.S. tops China's outbound portfolio investment list


Latest official data shows that the United States has become the top destination for China's outbound portfolio investment.

The data released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange shows China made 116.7 billion U.S. dollars of portfolio investment in the U.S. by the end of June last year.

This accounts for nearly 41 percent of the total amount of 286.8 billion U.S. dollars in the same period.

Hong Kong was in second place, attracting 49.5 billion dollars, followed by the Cayman Islands with 16.3 billion dollars.

It is the first time the administration has published country-specific figures on outbound portfolio investment, and comes after China formally joined a global survey conducted by the International Monetary Fund at the end of last year.



Taiwan unveils report on TransAsia plane crash in 2014


Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council believes that the pilots' non-compliance of standard operating procedure was to blame for the TransAsia plane accident that killed nearly 50 people in 2014.

The plane crashed near Magong Airport, in a residential area, killing 48, while injuring fifteen others.

The Safety Council report shows the crew unintentionally flew the plane into an area with limited awareness of the aircraft's proximity to the terrain.

The report also says there was heavy rain at Magong Airport at the time of the incident.

The report has also made a series of safety recommendations to the TransAsia airline company, including conducting a thorough review of its safety system and crew training programs, as well as reviewing and improving its internal compliance.



Syria peace talks begin in Geneva without main opposition group


The UN-brokered Syria peace talks aimed at resolving the country's 5-year conflict have now started at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

It's reported the main opposition group, the High Negotiations Committee will now send a delegation to the talks. There had been some uncertainty over whether the Saudi backed group would attend.

The first meeting is between the UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura and a government delegation headed by the country's ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari.

The main opposition delegation had said it wouldn't attend the talks without an end to the bombardment of civilians by Russian and government forces and a lifting of sieges in rebel-held areas.

The meetings are part of a process outlined in a U.N. resolution last month that envisages an 18-month timetable for a political transition in Syria, including the drafting of a new constitution and elections.









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