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Hourly News updated 12:00 2016/01/29
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President Xi urges "strictest" food safety measures


Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the implementation of the "strictest" measures to ensure food safety for the public.

Noting that the work to ensure food safety impacts both the people's livelihoods and public confidence in government, Xi Jinping called on all Party and governmental authorities to perform their due duty and practice with a people-centered concept in this matter.

Xi Jinping said the food safety situation in China remains grave, calling for a more unified and authoritative supervision system and regulations.



Premier Li explains currency issues to IMF chief


The Chinese Premier has assured the head of the IMF that Beijing "has no intention of boosting export through currency depreciation, not to mention waging a trade war".

Li Keqiang spoke with the IMF managing director Christine Lagarde by phone, saying the Chinese economy had reached mid- and high-speed growth of 6.9 percent last year, with employment sufficient, growth in resident income and savings being faster than that of the economy.

Meanwhile, Lagarde said the IMF is willing to cooperate with China.

Earlier in the day, the IMF chief announced the 2010 quota and governance reforms have come into effect.

The reform anables China to have the third largest IMF quota and voting share after the United States and Japan.



Canadian citizen indicted in China on charges of stealing state secrets


A Canadian citizen has been accused of spying and stealing China's state secrets.

Kevin Garratt has been indicted by prosecutors in Dandong city in northeast Liaoning.

Investigators say they have found evidence which implicates Garratt in accepting tasks from Canadian espionage agencies to gather intelligence in China.



Part of HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opens to traffic


A section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has opened to traffic.

The section links north Hengqin interchange with Hongwan interchange, enabling vehicles to get in and out of the Hengqin area of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone quicker than before.

The 50 kilometer Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge links Hong Kong, and Macao with the Chinese inland city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province.

It will now take about half an hour to drive from Hong Kong to Zhuhai, compared to more than three hours without the bridge.



Zika exploding in Americas: WHO


The World Health Organization has announced it will hold an emergency meeting of independent experts next Monday to decide if the outbreak of the Zika virus should be declared an international health emergency.

At a special meeting on Thursday in Geneva, WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan said the virus is now spreading explosively in the Americas.

One WHO scientist said the Americas could see up to four million cases of Zika in the next year.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the Zika virus is now in more than 20 countries, mostly in Central and South America.



Iran to buy 118 Airbus aircraft


Iran and Airbus have signed an agreement to buy 118 Airbus aircrafts.

The deal was signed at the Elysee Palace during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's official visit to France.

It also included pilot and maintenance training and support services to help the entry into service and efficient operations of these new aircraft.

Meanwhile, the two sides signed a civil aviation co-operation agreement to support Iran's development of air navigation services, airport and aircraft operations.



Man arrested for carrying handguns at Paris Disneyland


French police have arrested a man carrying two handguns at the Disneyland park outside Paris.

The 28-year-old man, said to be of European origin, also had a copy of the Koran hidden in his bag.

A woman who had been with the man was also arrested.

A police source said the man was unknown to the police prior to the incident and that his had bag set off a security alarm as he went through a metal detector at the park's New York Hotel.



EU mulls new measures to combat tax avoidance


The European Commission has proposed new packages to tackle corporate tax avoidance by large companies.

The proposals include legally-binding measures and a recommendations to member states on how to prevent tax treaty abuse.

It also contains a proposal for member states to share tax-related information on multinationals operating in the EU.

The package will be submitted to the European Parliament for consultation and to the Council of for adoption.



Cuba and N. Korea sign protocols on trade and scientific collaboration


Cuba and North Korea have agreed to sign two protocols on trade and scientific development.

The agreements will support such sectors as healthcare, higher education, culture, and agriculture.

Cuba and North Korea established diplomatic relations in 1960.



UK closes in on EU in-work benefits deal


The UK is reportedly closing in on a deal that would allow the country to deny in-work benefits to workers from other parts of the European Union for four years.

The proposed arrangement means the UK could initiate an "emergency brake" on the payments.

It would show that the influx of workers from other EU countries was placing an unacceptable burden on its welfare and social systems.

The restriction on in-work benefits for EU migrants is one of Prime Minister David Cameron's key demands for reform in his renegotiation of the UK's EU membership.





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