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毛大庆 - 没有规划的人生同样精彩
   2014-09-25 16:36:36   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xinxin


Success in Profile: Mao Daqing


Hello and welcome to Roundtable’s Success in Profile, capturing the stories behind the success. I’m your host Xiaohua.

Different people will tell you different things about career planning. One person may tell you to get started as early as possible, and another may emphasize the importance of understanding yourself. But for Mao Daqing, career planning is not the most important thing to achieve success.

Mao Daqing is Executive Vice President of Vanke Group, and General Manager of Beijing Vanke Company. Before joining Vanke in 2009, he worked for Singaporean real estate group CapitaLand, serving as general manager of CapitaLand China Bohai Bay Area. Aside from his job, he’s also a social activist, enthusiastic blogger and writer.

Mao Daqing was born in 1969 and grew up in Beijing. After graduating from the architecture department at Southeast University, he was assigned a job in a state-owned company, which he quickly left. Later he went to Thailand and then Singapore. While in Thailand he gained his first overseas experience, it is in Singapore where he got the best professional training, and turned from an architect to a manager. But to know how it all starts, we have to go to the beginning, of how he chose architecture.