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尚思辰 - 从科学家到CEO,做喜欢的事最重要
   2014-09-18 16:58:33   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xinxin


Success in Profile: Shang Sichen



Hello and welcome to Roundtable’s Success in Profile, capturing the stories behind the success. I’m your host Xiaohua.


What if you know that you’re doing your current job only for salary, and that your interest lies somewhere else? Do you stick to your previous choice or do you follow your heart and make a change?


Today we talk to Shang Sichen, who’s got a ready answer to this question. Despite dedicating years of study in science and having a promising academic career waiting for her, she decided that business is where her passion lies in. 


Shang Sichen is founder and CEO of Shanghai Hochi Technologies. After getting her PhD degree in biology and chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong, she spent another 2 years in the US for post-doctoral studies and research at Harvard and Boston Universities.


Everything was pointing to a promising career in science, when she decided she wanted to come back to China and get a job in marketing. A year later in 2008, she left the job and started her first company. Her current company Hochi Technologies engages in the research, production and sale of functional films. It is listed in China’s new third board, an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises. Shang Sichen is just one step away from her goal of a being the CEO of a public company.