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刘星河 - 我要做出茶饮界的星巴克
   2014-09-09 10:25:32   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xinxin


Success in Profile - Liu Xinghe


Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Success in Profile, exploring the stories behind the success. I’m your host Heyang.


Starbucks has revolutionized the way we enjoy coffee and, in the process, become a globally recognized brand. My guest today, Liu Xinghe, is now trying to emulate that success by tapping into China's extensive tea market. Liu’s company, 一木觉茶or TNT, has already set up a Beijing outlet that provides customers with complex and customized mixed tea drinks unlike anything else currently on the market. Using only natural ingredients, and chic cups to-go, can TNT transform itself into China’s very own Starbucks of tea? Let’s find out in today’s show…


Liu Xinghe is an investment banker turned entrepreneur. After graduating with a first class honors degree in economics from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science, Liu launched himself into a top-flight financial career. This began at global investment bank Merrill Lynch, where he oversaw teams dealing with such companies as Daphne International and PCCW. In his next post, at private equity behemoth Warburg Pincus, Liu was responsible for securing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. Despite these huge victories in the financial sector, however, Liu had a much more personal dream. And so, employing his years of know-how and business savvy, he founded Yi Mu Jue Cha, or TNT, a company designed to bring Chinese tea beverages to the wider public.