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陈国强 - 最好的谈判技巧是诚实
   2014-09-01 16:40:55   CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xinxin


Success in Profile: Chen Guoqiang



Hello and welcome to Roundtable’s Success in Profile, capturing the stories behind the success. I’m your host Xiaohua.


Nowadays job hopping is such a common occurrence that people who don’t do that once in a few years risk being called unambitious. In some industries job hopping has even become the only way to get a salary bump.


But our guest today Chen Guoqiang tells us with his experience that having a strong desire to achieve success has nothing to do with how many companies one has worked for.

Chen Guoqiang is Vice President of China Duty Free Group, the only state-owned enterprise authorized by the State Council to operate duty free business across the country. He graduated from the University of International Business and Economics, and has been staying with the company ever since, working as a salesman, interpreter, assistant, manager, all the way up to vice president.


In 2012, while studying at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, he participated in the Gobi Desert Challenge competition, a strenuous 4-day run held among business school students, and helped his team win 1st place. The experience also changed his lifestyle, as he is now an enthusiastic jogger and cyclist.