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• Floods in US State Iowa Force at Least 24,000 People from Their Homes
• Pandas in Chengdu Breading Center May Face Shortages of Food
• Solana: the West Ready to Recognize Iran's Right to Have Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes
• First Group of Mainland Tourists to Visit Taiwan Next Month
• Stop Random College Ranking
• Events Mark China's Third Cultural Heritage Day
• Magnitude 7.2 Quake Kills Six in Japan
• Taiwan Delegation Leaves the Mainland
• News & Reports 2008-06-15
• Reports from Developing Countries 2008-06-15
• Hourly News 2008-06-15
• China Beat 2008-06-14
• Hourly News 2008-06-14
• Photos Reveal the Untold Beauty of Taiwan
• Hourly News 2008-06-13
• May's CPI figures
• Reconstructing Wenchuan
• Publicizing Officials Income Hoped to Curb Corruption
• Let Legislation Go ahead of Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
• Economy Arises as First Battleground for McCain, Obama
• Investigation over A Plane Crash in Sudan Continues
• Nepali King, Now Almost Common Citizen
• Pakistan Summons U.S. Envoy over Coalition Bombing
• South Korean Trade Official Ruled Out Possibility of Renegotiating Beef Deal
• Israel Temporarily Holds Back Gaza Military Operation
• Chinese Stock Markets Fall Dramatically for A Second Day
• China Launches Anti-terror Drills for the Beijing Olympics
• South China Fights against Heavy Rains
• Chinese Armed Force Soldiers Win Praise for Their Rescue And Relief Work
• China Calls off Alert on Main "Quake Lake"
• China Concerned over Vessel-boat Collision
• Missing Helicopter Found Near Epicenter Yingxiu
• Fujian to Make Villages More Disaster-proof
• Jiangyou Ready to Face Tangjiashan Drainage Problem
• Apple Unveils New Iphone
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• China UnionPay Eases Disruptions
• Insurance Payment for Victims Made Easy
• Airlines Raise Fuel Levy due to Oil Costs
• Earthquake Shakes Tourism Industry
• Vice Premier Urges Efforts to Restore Power Supply

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News & Reports 2008-07-05
The cross-strait weekend chartered flights between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan start.
• A War to Divide Property 2008-10-27
• Qingdao Endeavors to Tackle Algae Bloom around Olympic Venue
• What You Mostly Want to Say: Writing Topic for Quake-region Students
• More Owners of Idle Cars Emerge in China
• Let's Start from Smoke-free Olympics
• Licenses Necessary for Profit-making Net-shops
• Chinese Police, Ready for Tighten Security for the Olympics

Beijing Opens Second Airport Expressway
Images of Chinese Migrant Workers in Foreign Artist's Lens