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• Ban Ki-moon Looks forward to His First Official Visit to China
• AU Summit Discusses Issues Facing Africa
• Israeli PM Predicts Tough Decisions in Prisoners Swap Talks with Hamas
• Joint Initiative to Address Climate Change at Provincial Level in China
• First Group of Chinese Tourists to the US Impressed by the Trip
• Sutong Bridge Opened to Traffic
• Olympic Torch Relay Held in Wuzhong
• Necessary for Beijing to Launch Subway Security Checks
• Blog, a Fashion for Teenagers in China
• Foreign Tourists Enjoy Trip in Tibet after its Reopening
• Donald Tsang Calls for Fuel Price Transparency
• Hourly News 2008-07-01
• People in the Know 2008-07-01
• China Drive, Afternoon, 2008-06-30
• Beyond Beijing 2008-06-30
• Frontline 2008-06-30
• China Drive, Morning, 2008-06-30
• Shaolin Temple Should Curb Commercial Endeavors
• Mankind Must Adopt Scientific and Energy-conserving Lifestyles
• Olympic Flame Concludes its Tour of Zhongwei
• Greenpeace Call in World Cooling Industry
• China Vows to Meet Challenges on Water Resources
• Self-discipline Regulation of Corporations to Take Effect
• MA 600 Rolled Off Line
• Spain Beats Germany in Euro 2008 Final
• Putin Warns Ukraine over NATO Bid
• Israeli Cabinet Approves Prisoners Swap Deal with Hezbollah
• Mugabe Sworn in for New Term of Presidency
• Beijing Steps up All-Round Services for the Olympics
• Epidemic Prevention in Quake Recovering Areas
• Hourly News 2008-06-30
• People in the Know 2008-06-30
• 2008-06-29 Sandy Lam
• Wen Huibao: Students should be cautious when selecting college majors
• Workers Urged to Improve Their Negotiating Abilities
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• China UnionPay Eases Disruptions
• Insurance Payment for Victims Made Easy
• Airlines Raise Fuel Levy due to Oil Costs
• Earthquake Shakes Tourism Industry
• Vice Premier Urges Efforts to Restore Power Supply

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News & Reports 2008-07-05
The cross-strait weekend chartered flights between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan start.
• A War to Divide Property 2008-10-27
• Qingdao Endeavors to Tackle Algae Bloom around Olympic Venue
• What You Mostly Want to Say: Writing Topic for Quake-region Students
• More Owners of Idle Cars Emerge in China
• Let's Start from Smoke-free Olympics
• Licenses Necessary for Profit-making Net-shops
• Chinese Police, Ready for Tighten Security for the Olympics

Beijing Opens Second Airport Expressway
Images of Chinese Migrant Workers in Foreign Artist's Lens