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• U.S. Athletes Briefed on Chinese Culture
• Death Toll in U.S. Storms Rises to 10
• Strikes in Spain and France Continue
• Bush on Farewell Visit to Europe
• S.Korean Cabinet Offers Resignation over US Beef Row
• China & Other Asian Stocks Tumble on Oil Concerns
• Transparency Needed in Personal Credit Files
• Survey: What Kind of Official Can Be Called Servant of The People
• Hourly News 2008-06-11
• Obama to Be Democrat Nominee
• Beijing Can be More Tourist-Friendly
• Duanwu Festival a Timely Reminder of Chinese Traditions
• Germany, France Resolve Emission Dispute
• Japan to Cut Emissions by More than Half Before 2050
• Iran's Supreme Leader Criticizes U.S. Presence in Iraq
• UK Death Toll in Afghanistan Rises to 100
• 23 Found Alive after Mine Blast in Ukraine
• Beijing Subway Bids Farewell to Paper Tickets
• China Expects Consecutive Increase in Grain Harvest
• China Protects Cultural Relics in Quake Area
• Alert Remains, Main Quake Lake Swells
• Hourly News 2008-06-10
• Tradition Matters
• Shandong Province's Education Reform Policy Worth Applause
• A Dog in Australia Survived after Swallowing And Vomiting A Toxic Cane Toad
• Czech Republic Wins the Opening Match of the 2008 European Football Championship
• Japanese Police Arrests Suspect after Seven Killed in Stabbing Spree
• Cyclists in Mexico Celebrates World Naked Bike Ride
• Chinese Soccer Team Lost to North Korea in The Women's Asia Cup Final
• Clashes in Somalia Kills at Least 12 Civilians
• Al-Maliki Assures that An Imminent US-Iraq Security Deal Harmless to Iran
• 37 Missing after A Mine Blasts in Ukraine
• People in The Quake-Hit Areas Mark The First Dragon Boat Festival after Disaster
• The Plan for Reconstruction of Beichuan County Released
• Tangjiashan Quake Lake Overflows into Diversion Channel
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Latest News
• China UnionPay Eases Disruptions
• Insurance Payment for Victims Made Easy
• Airlines Raise Fuel Levy due to Oil Costs
• Earthquake Shakes Tourism Industry
• Vice Premier Urges Efforts to Restore Power Supply

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News & Reports 2008-07-05
The cross-strait weekend chartered flights between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan start.
• A War to Divide Property 2008-10-27
• Qingdao Endeavors to Tackle Algae Bloom around Olympic Venue
• What You Mostly Want to Say: Writing Topic for Quake-region Students
• More Owners of Idle Cars Emerge in China
• Let's Start from Smoke-free Olympics
• Licenses Necessary for Profit-making Net-shops
• Chinese Police, Ready for Tighten Security for the Olympics

Beijing Opens Second Airport Expressway
Images of Chinese Migrant Workers in Foreign Artist's Lens