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Chinese Police, Ready for Tighten Security for the Olympics
    2008-07-04 10:36:25     CRIENGLISH.com

International anti-terror experts and officials have convened in Beijing to ensure tighter security for the upcoming Olympics and for further global cooperation in this aspect.

A senior official with China's Public Security Ministry confirmed that China is confident in ensuring a safe and successful sports gathering for the whole world.

CRI Reporter Chen Xi has the details.

As for security issues in the time leading to the upcoming Olympic Games in China, top police official said Beijing has fully prepared for potential threats of terrorism by cooperating with global counterparts.

During a conference of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO, an intergovernmental mutual-security organization in Beijing, China's vice-minister of public security, Meng Hongwei, illustrated the major terrorist actions during the games.

"Some global terrorism organizations and terrorists may use this chance to attack certain countries or targets. As for China, the major threat is from the Eastern Turkistan Liberation Organization, who has alleged to attack the Olympic Games on the website. In addition, some severe criminal crimes also exist there."

Meng Hongwei says an anti-terrorist force of commandos, police officers and army troops is on high alert for handling attempted terrorist attacks from the so-called Eastern Turkistan Liberation Organization, or ETLO, who was confirmed as a terrorist organization by the United Nations in 2002.

In addition, anti-terrorist drills and emergency plans have been widely implemented in preparation for possible threats to the Olympics.

The senior official gave further details on the latest anti-terrorism moves in China.

"With impelling measures in cooperation in reconnaissance and information sharing, China has effectively combated against potential terrorist moves by ETLO before the sports games."

China has also conducted a wide range of international cooperation in the security and anti-terror front for the Beijing Olympics, which is reflected by the SCO conference that has the theme of anti-terrorism.

According to Meng Hongwei, a completely safe Olympics is called for by the world arena, as the International Criminal Police Organization, TERPOL, SCO and representatives from 32 countries and regions have reached consensus in this perspective since last September.

SCO member countries say they will make joint efforts with China for the security of the Olympics, which is not only for the hosting country, but Asia and the whole world as well.

Chen Xi, CRI News



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