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Voices from Other Lands 2008-07-03
    2008-07-03 18:48:42     CRIENGLISH.com

Hello and welcome to this edition of  Voices from Other Lands on China Radio International. I'm your host Zhou Jing.

The tune you are hearing now is "Lemon Tree". This song might sound quite familiar to Chinese audience as Taiwan singer Tracy Su had a very successful remake of it. However, most people in China might not know that it was originally sung by a German pop band called Fool's Garden. And here is a chance for us to discover more about Germany besides its luxury cars, beer, classical music, football, Karl Marx and Michael Schumacher.

Under the joint patronage of top leaders in both countries, a program of events entitled "Germany and China ĘC Moving Ahead Together" that started last year is to tour six Chinese provinces and their capitals by 2010. With an unusual blend of art, culture, science and technological advances to showcase, the campaign aims to enhance Germany's image as a modern, innovative and forward-looking country.

The band "Fool's Garden" performes for the "Germany and China ĘC Moving Ahead Together" in Chongqing City on May 17, 2008. [File Photo: germany-and-china.com]

I caught up with Udo Hoffmann, the organizer of the art events, to talk about this ambitious campaign. Having been living in China for nearly two decades, Mr. Hoffmann has always been a dedicated cultural messenger between Germany and China.

You are listening to Voices from Other Lands. I'm Zhou Jing. My guest today is Udo Hoffmann, a German who has been actively involved in cultural exchanges between China and Germany. Time for a short break, but don't go away.

Welcome back. You are listening to Voices from Other Lands on China Radio International. I'm your host Zhou Jing. Joining me today is Udo Hoffmann, who is currently in charge of the cultural events of a campaign called "Germany and China, Moving Ahead Together". Actually before this project, Hoffmann proved himself to be a very successful event organizer, starting with Beijing Jazz Festival in 1993.

My interview with Udo ended in a hurry as he dashed to meet his dentist as scheduled. Being punctual has always been a virtue of the Germans. But who says Germans aren't romantic!

With that, we come to the end of this week's  Voices from Other Lands. To listen to today's show or our previous editions, please visit crienglish.com. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can write to: English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China, our postal code is 100040. Or email me at voices@cri.com.cn. From Beijing, I am your host Zhou Jing. Thanks for joining me, until the same time next week, Goodbye.



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