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Hourly News 2008-07-03
    2008-07-03 11:25:00     CRIENGLISH.com
2009-01-03 Let's Go Skiing
Although the word of winter seems to covey anything but warmth, I believe the idea of going skiing is sure to kindle the passion within many people. Today we will talk about skiing.
• Decision-making Mechanism Prior to Encouragement of Pursuit of Innovations
• China to Step up Efforts to Improve Net Environment
• China Highlights New Year Fiscal Emphasis
• India handed over evidence of Mumbai attacks to Pakistan
• EU delegation holds talks to push for a cease-fire in Gaza

Broadcasting Time: 08:00 AM, GMT:+8:00, 2008-07-03

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China to Strengthen Cooperation with UN

Chinese President Hu Jintao says China will further strengthen its cooperation with the United Nations in a responsible and constructive manner.
He made the remark when meeting with visiting UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
During their talks, Ban Ki-moon stressed China's important role in maintaining world peace and development and highly praised China's contribution in facilitating the process of six-party talks and promoting development in African countries.
Ban Ki-moon further expressed UN's willingness in strengthening cooperation with China, hoping that China would play a greater role in fighting global challenges such as climate change and food safety.

Chinese FM Holds Talks with Ban Ki-moon, Expressing Support for UN

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi also told the visiting United Nations chief that China supports the United Nations' role on global issues.
He said the United Nations are an important mechanism for the international community to enhance cooperation, tackle challenges and practice multilateralism, and that the role of the United Nations is irreplaceable.

Chinese Premier Welcomes U.S. Assistance

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao welcomed the United States assistance in China`s earthquake reconstruction work.
Wen Jiabao told members of a joint delegation comprising the U.S. government, business and rescue organizations that China welcomed them to conduct research on participating in quake reconstruction efforts.
To make preparations for the assistance work the delegation visited the Yingxiu town area from Sunday to Wednesday.
Yingxiu town was one of the worst hit by the May 12 earthquake.

China Floods Leave 252 Dead, 64 Missing as Flood Season Begins

Fifty million people and 3 million hectares of land have been affected from flooding and related disasters across China since the beginning of June.
According to China's Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief, 200,000 houses were destroyed, more than 250 people are dead and other 64 missing.
Still worse, flood control efforts will be hampered this year by higher than expected average rain fall.
The Pearl River delta area has already suffered from the worst flooding in more than five decades, and the first typhoon this year was two months earlier than usual.

China's Grain Output to Reach 540 Billion Kgs by 2020

China's Cabinet has approved a plan to ensure the country will be 95 percent self-sufficient in grain production over the next 12 years.
The State Council agreed on the plan to ensure grain output exceeds 500 billion kilograms until 2010, and reaches 540 billion kg by 2020.
Last years grain harvest was 15 million tons less than demand.

Police Announce 4-month Crackdown on Gangs after Protest over Teen Death

Police in southwestern China's Guizhou Province have announced a crackdown on gangs who were accused of inciting violence over a teenager's death.
Weng'an County was the scene of recent violent protests where up to 30,000 people protested a controversial police report into the death of a 17-year-old girl, Li Shufen.
Police contend she drowned, but her family and relatives contend she was raped and killed.
The police chief says Li's death was an ordinary civil case, and the gangs "made efforts to fan the flames" of dissent.

Mongolia's Ruling Party Wins Parliamentary Election

Mongolia`s General Election Commission says the ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, or MPRP, won 44 seats in the 76-seat parliament after Sunday's parliamentary elections.
Under the country's law, the MPRP can form a new government as it won more than half the seats.

Russia Disapproves Japan's Attempts to Discuss Territorial Dispute at G8 Summit

Russia contests Japan`s use of its chairmanship at the upcoming Group of Eight (G8) summit to discuss a territorial dispute between the two nations.
Territorial disputes between Russia and Japan on four islands in the Pacific Ocean have long dampened bilateral ties, and blocked them from entering a peace treaty after World War II.
The four islands, known as the Northern Territories in Japan and the Southern Kurils in Russia, were occupied by Soviet troops after the end of World War II and are currently under Russian control.
Russia has agreed to give up two of them, but Japan insists on taking back all of them.
A Russian diplomat says the solution of bilateral problems is not related to the summit.

White House Withdraws Announcement of Bush's Schedule for S. Korea Tour

The White House has issued a rare apology for a "premature" announcement of President George W. Bush's trip to South Korea.
Dennis Wilder, U.S. National Security Council director for Asian Affairs, said Tuesday that Bush will visit South Korea on Aug. 5-6.
The White House apology signals the announcement about Bush's visit to South Korea to be a bit sensitive when there have been violent protests in Seoul over a U.S.-South Korean beef deal.
The United States called on Seoul to fully open its market to U. S. beef, while South Korean officials said they were concerned about the product safety after receiving shipments containing banned material.



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