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China Drive, Afternoon, 2008-07-02
    2008-07-02 21:10:34     CRIENGLISH.com

Broadcast Time: 17:00-19:00, 2008-07-02


Beijing Mulls Peak-shifting Plan for Olympics

Agencies Target Growing Fleet of Women Travelers in HK

Hospital Pays Big for Paternity Disorder


The remarkable Zheng Jie upset 18th seed Nicole Vaidisova 6-2, 5-7, 6-1 yesterday to reach the Wimbledon semifinals where she will meet former champion Serena Williams.

World No. 1 Tiger Woods does not know when he will be able to play again after doctors built a new knee ligament for him using tendon taken from his right hamstring.

Now branded with an asterisk, the ball Barry Bonds launched for his record 756th home run nearly a year ago landed Tuesday night in the Hall of Fame.

Reconstruction Proposal by College Students


All You out There, Get Ready for the Show

Rocker Dou Wei Scores Zhou Xun's New Movie

Heath Ledger tipped for Joker Oscar

 What's your Favorite Cartoon?

Cartoons are not just for kids. Many grown-ups love to watch cartoon as much as their kids. What's your favorite cartoon film, play, or comic book?

 Join the discussion

Starbucks in Hot Water

Manufacturing Slumping

Shanghai Home Prices on the Rise


Beijing Zoo Welcoming Ideas for Animal Enrichment

Beijing Zoo has recently launched a campaign to make animals more physically active. They are welcoming advice and suggestions from citizens in this regard.

One Month after the Plastic Bag Ban Enacted

Since June 1, retailers were banned from giving free plastic bags to customers. The production and distribution of ultra-thin plastic bags have also since been prohibited. It's been a month since the law took effect. People are gradually accepting life without plastic bags, but some problems still remain.



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