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China Offered Thanks to International Assistance
    2008-06-27 10:19:57     CRIENGLISH.com

  China's foreign ministry has held a reception expressing the country's gratitude for international assistance in the relief efforts for last month's Sichuan earthquake.

On Thursday, over 170 ambassadors and representatives of international organizations in China attended the reception held in Beijing.

Chinese vice Premier Li Keqiang.

"For the help and assistance in difficulties, Chinese government and Chinese people will forever keep in mind."

According to latest statistics, more than 160 countries and 10 international organizations have offered funds, materials and personnel assistance to China.

After the devastating earthquake, countries including Japan, Russia, Britain and Cuba sent rescue and medical teams to the quake-jolted areas for relief operations.

In cooperation with their Chinese counterparts, many said they were greatly impressed by the persevering spirit of the Chinese people.

Chin Siat Yoon is Singapore's ambassador to China.

"I think this is a very impressive effort. I think the Chinese population, as a whole, reacted very quickly to this. You know, they all step forward, volunteering in huge numbers to contribute towards the relief effort either in money or in kind. This is a very good example of all China cooperate with foreign countries."

Vice Premier Li Keqiang said that China's quake relief work had already entered into a new phase and future work would focus on re-settlement of affected residents and the post-quake reconstruction.

According to official statistics, the death toll from the quake has surpassed 69,000 and direct economic losses may amount to over 70 billion U.S. dollars.



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