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China Drive, Afternoon, 2008-06-25
    2008-06-25 20:17:08     CRIENGLISH.com

Broadcast Time: 17:00-19:00, 2008-06-25


Read Your Ticket, Olympic Spectators Told

Beijing Begins Distribution of Baby-on-board Badges

Party Girl Suffers Tragic Tumble


Two-time runners-up Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick posted opening-round victories, while world No. 4 Nikolay Davydenko came up a loser Tuesday at Wimbledon.

Second-seeded Serbian Jelena Jankovic, third-seeded former champion Maria Sharapova and defending titlist and four- time winner Venus Williams were a trio of opening-round victors Tuesday at Wimbledon.

Olympic 100 meters champion Justin Gatlin yesterday began another challenge against a doping ban in the hope of competing in this week's American trials for the Beijing Games.

Time Adjustment of Checking out


Kung Fu Panda

Cut! Actors' strike threatens to bring Hollywood to a standstill

The 11th Beijing Music Festival Will Raise Its Curtain

 Have You Felt the Impact of Rising Oil Prices?

It now takes you more to fill up your tank as China raised gas and diesel prices by 8% last week. Taxi and air fares have not increased yet as they're still subsidized by the government. But analysts expect the government to lift subsidies sometime after the Olympics. Rising oil prices might also push up prices of oil-dependent products.

Have you felt the impact of rising oil prices? What would you do to offset the impact of rising oil prices?

 Join the discussion

Too Many Millionaires, and none of them me...

Listed Companies Feel the Pinch

Credit Card Bonanza


Men's Basketball Friendly

China has beaten Lithuania in a Men's basketball friendly 110-92, an eighth successive win. After the game, the final list of players qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Games will be soon released.

Oil Price Hike Affects Car-Owners

The surprise fuel price rise in China last Friday may seem like an inevitable domestic measure, but analysts say it also reveals the government is joining world powers in a bid to tame global oil prices. Obviously, China's newly-formed urban automobile demographic will bear the brunt of the hike.






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