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Discipline Not Enough to Curb Exam Cheating
    2008-06-22 14:50:39     CRIENGLISH.com
Every year, there are cases of cheating in the National College Entrance Exam. This year is no exception.

The Beijing News reports that over ten people from the eastern province of Shangdong went to the western province of Gansu to take the exam for others. The case has been investigated and people responsible have been disciplined.

With regard to the frequent occurrences of cheating in exams, some experts suggest that educational authorities should take technological measures for inspection and impose severe punishment on violators.

However, the newspaper cites an educator as saying that these counter-cheating measures might not eliminate cheatings in exams. He says the sense of humiliation for the exam takers should be more important for preventing cheating in exams.

The educator gave an example in an American university. Students took the same exam at different times, but those who took it later didn't seek information about the content of the exam from the previous examinees.

The educator explained that the students paid special attention to their personal credit. And the sense of humiliation kept them away from cheating in exams.

In conclusion, the newspaper says moral discipline of exam takers is also essential in controlling cheating, besides imposing strict inspection and severe punishment.


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