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Beijing Opens Second Airport Expressway
    2008-06-21 22:41:19     CRIENGLISH.com

The second expressway to Beijing Capital International Airport has been opened to traffic on June 21 to ease the mounting traffic pressure on the current routes.

Zhou Zhengyu is deputy director of Beijing Municipal Committee of Communications.

He says the second airport highway helps to ensure smooth transportation during the Olympic Games.

"There will be six highways leading to the airport, thus forming a complete network on the road. They will provide direct services for the new Terminal 3 as well as for the upcoming Olympics. I am sure the transportation pressure near the airport will be relieved at least in the next few years."

Tian Sheng is a taxi driver. He says he is happy to see the opening of the second expressway, because he often drives to the airport.

"I often encounter traffic jams on the original airport expressway, which wastes lots of time. Because the second expressway is broader and there are more ways leading to the airport, I think it will become more convenient. I would rather take the new way."

The official adds besides the second airport expressway, two other express roads linking the airport to Beijing's suburban areas have also been put into use.

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Beijing Opens Second Airport Expressway
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