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Get the Tag of "Post-80s" off from Today's Young People
    2008-06-21 13:24:20     CRIENGLISH.com

The Chinese people have overcome the Sichuan earthquake with their resilience and are slowly but surely resuming their normal lives. And the quake has rid the public of their prejudice against China's Post-80's generation, those born in and after the 1980s.

A commentary in the China Youth Daily commends today's young people for their contribution to disaster relief and reconstruction work. With their concrete actions, they have proved to the society that one cannot be judged by their age.

The Post-80s generation used to be called the troubled generation in China. Most of them are the only child in the family, and grew up in a fully commercialized society. They've long been branded as spoiled, egotistical, aloof and rebellious.

The article says these prejudices have blurred the real faces of today's young people. It goes on to point out that as a multi-faced society, it is common for people from different generations to be branded according to their times. But different characteristics do not mean a generation is spoiled.

The post-80s generation may think and act differently from their fathers and grandfathers. This may be the generation gap that one can't deny, but one should also notice that the tradition and spirit of the nation will be passed down.

The article therefore calls on the public not to put the "Post-80s" or "Post-90s" tags on today's young people. To judge people by the year they are born is not scientific, and utterly baseless. Today's youth may have their own shortcomings, but on the whole they are a lively and positive generation that can be relied upon.




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