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China Enhances Dope Management
    2008-06-20 13:48:36     CRIENGLISH.com
China is introducing strict measures to control the production and distribution of dope ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Vice-commissioner of the State Food and Drug Administration Wu Zhen said the most important part of the campaign is to control its production and online trade.

"Cutting off the source of production is the key to controlling the abuse of dope since some businesses will eventually benefit from their production and sale. Another thing is online sales. It's hard to track certain transactions. They always carry fake information and take advantage of licensed enterprises."

The official also pointed out that the move has been introduced not only to ensure a smooth Olympics, but also the well-being of the people.

Since March, authorities have punished 23 companies for illegal drugs trading, or selling sports performance enhancers, and shut down 321 websites engaged in illegal drug trading.


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