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Strikes in Spain and France Continue
    2008-06-11 16:15:01     CRIENGLISH.com
Spanish truckers have continued an indefinite strike over soaring fuel costs that could bring the country to a standstill.

The transport association federation Fenadismer said that more than 90,000 drivers had been called to take part in the strike, which began at midnight on Monday.

A truck driver, Carlos Campoy, said he would continue the strike.

"This is like a tug of a war, we mustn't give up at the beginning. This is the last bullet in our gun - if this doesn't work, we are lost."

The effects of the strike began to show on Tuesday with some petrol stations in Madrid running out of fuel.

Meanwhile in France, three out of eight train workers' unions were taking part in a nationwide strike in protest against station closures.

A French passenger said he was getting used to such strikes.

"This is a strike like all others and we're used to it, we find ways to get to work."

The strike in France is a far cry from previous protests by railway staff in the past year which caused massive delays prompting Parisians to rely on bicycles and other modes of transport.


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