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Beijing Can be More Tourist-Friendly
    2008-06-10 16:09:57     CRIENGLISH.com
With the Dragon Boat Festival providing another day off for the Chinese people, many chose a relaxing one-day tour.

To ensure an enjoyable experience for travelers, the Beijing municipal government has taken some severe measures to regulate the chaotic day-tour market, including closing four unqualified tourist sites.

The China Daily applauded the government's actions in a commentary, saying such moves are essential for tourists and beneficial for the future of the local tourism industry.

As a capital city with a host of tourist attractions, Beijing has developed a timeless appeal for travelers both from home and abroad. The paper says day-tours are so far the best way for many travelers, especially individuals, to explore the city.

But it continues to point out that some long-standing problems have damaged the reputation of Beijing's day-tour market. Some people say it is frustrating and exhausting to find the best-suited day tour route, due to inadequate information. Furthermore, some day-tour operators are not honest to their clients. They take tourists to shops instead of their desired destinations.

The paper notes that such annoyances not only affect the mood of the tourists, but the profits of the city, as tourism can be a major source of local revenue. Therefore, it is essential for local authorities to introduce standards, and enhance service quality of the day-tour market.

The paper concludes with the hope that this time the government's efforts to combat irregular day tours can go far enough, so that Beijing can make itself more tourist-friendly.


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