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    2010-08-06 09:12:22     CRIENGLISH.com
Broadcasting Time: 14:00-17:00, 2010-08-05


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[Metro & Sports]

  • A senior flood control official says nationwide, floods have left more than 1,000 people dead and 600 others missing.
  • China's top cultural heritage administrator has condemned the massive reconstruction of old cities across the country, labelling them a "disaster" when it comes to protecting historical cultural relics.
  • A Paleolithic site in Central China's Henan Province that dates back 30,000 years is being undermined by miners who continue to dig for iron ore despite efforts by local authorities to stop them.
  • A new survey shows the Internet is the most important source of information about sex for Chinese teenagers, as sex education at school and home is inadequate.
  • With less than 100 days to go, the preparation work of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou is in full swing. Vice mayor of Guangzhou and also the Executive Deputy Secretary General of the games' organizing committee Xu Ruisheng says preparations are going smoothly.
  • Lionel Messi has arrived in Beijing with Barcelona for the second leg of the Spanish champions's pre-season tour of Asia.

[Real China]  Embrace Modern Lifestyle in Lhoka Prefecture

Tsedang Town is located in Lhoka Prefecture in Southwestern China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

As the birthplace of Tibetan culture, residents in Tsedang not only possess longlasting historical and cultural treasures, but also enjoy a modern lifestyle.

Tingting brings us more about how the residents there are embracing their new, easier lives.

[Showbiz News]

  • The UK music industry grew by 5% in 2009 thanks to an upturn in revenue from concerts, according to a report.
  • China's Ministry of Culture has honored outstanding plays, as well as ballet dancers from national art troupes.
  • Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean says he will run for president of the earthquake-hit Caribbean country.
  • This month almost 30 new films are set to hit the silver screen in China. Besides several highly-anticipated foreign films, audiences will also have many Chinese films to pick from.

[Cultural Voyage] Stepping into the Sassy Salsa Dancing Scene in Beijing

Latin America may be thousands of miles away, but for those with a fiery interest for sweaty steps on the dance floor inspired by energetic music, distance can't stop Beijing's lovers of Salsa from learning, teaching and keeping the scene alive.

The popularity of this dance has grown over the years, ignited by dedicated dancers, teachers who have opened schools, and numerous bars that have brought the musical bands of Latin America all the way to China.

[Strange News]

  • The dentures of Britain's war-time prime minister, Winston Churchill, were recently auctioned off for 15,200 pounds (about 152,000 yuan) - thats three times the estimated selling price. They were sold to a Churchill fan from Gloucestershire, in England.
  • A man who successfully convinced his wife for six years that he was a policeman has been nabbed by real cops. The fake cop, surnamed Feng, was arrested by police in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, after they initially stopped to help him start what was a stolen car.
  • A teenage girl in the US state of Iowa has earned the nickname "The Deer Magnet" after hitting five deer in the past year.
  • We have some unusual vows from a bridegroom here. Zhang Hu, who got married in the mountainous village of Caozhuang, Miyang county, in Henan Province, vowed: "After swimming with her across the torrents of Shibadaohe River, I will treat her well for her whole life."

[Bookshelf] My Memories of Old Beijing

Today we'll introduce a book related to the city where we live and we're broadcasting from. It's entitled 'My Memories of Old Peking', or 'Cheng Nan Jiu Shi' in Chinese.

[Flexible Segment] Afro carreabean cuisine making its way to china

Walking through the cities of China, it's not easy to spot a restaurant dedicated to African cuisine. And many Africans who now live in China admit to getting homesick because its not easy even to find the ingredients to put a typical African dish on the table. So what are they doing to heal this food homesickness? Nillah Nyakoa takes a look.



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