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    2010-08-03 10:33:05     CRIENGLISH.com
Broadcasting Time: 14:00-17:00, 2010-08-02


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[Metro & Sports]

  • The country's top administration for press and publication has stressed again the protection of reporters' rights.
  • Tourists continue to flock to the northeastern summer resort of Dalian despite the recent oil spill caused by two pipelines that exploded in the city's port two weeks ago.
  • Chemicals have been detected in a river in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province four days after floods swept some 7,000 chemical barrels into a major river.
  • Thick layers of garbage from continuous rain-triggered floods along the Yangtze River are threatening the safety of the Three Gorges Dam, the worlds largest water dam.
  • The spotlight this NBA summer has been focused on Miami Heat's big three of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.
  • In golf, Stuart Appleby has carded the fifth 59 in PGA Tour history to win The Greenbrier Classic by one shot.

[Real China]  David Huo

It may come as a surprise to most that one of Beijing's most internationally acclaimed dancers and foremost dance instructors is a health and fitness graduate.

An international prize winner who is now trying to integrate a Latin dance rhythm into the otherwise melodious Chinese rhythm.

[Showbiz News]

  • Comedienne and chat show host Ellen DeGeneres is leaving American Idol after one season on the judging panel.
  • Tsui Hark's martial-arts thriller "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame" will be the only Chinese-language film to compete for the top honor at this year's Venice International Film Festival, organizers have announced.
  • Three time capsules are being created to mark what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday and will be dedicated at a ceremony in the US.
  • Action star Donnie Yen will play the lead role in an IMAX 3-D fantasy film called "The Monkey King". Preparation for the project is underway in Beijing, Sina.com.cn reports.

[Cultural Voyage] The poorest Champion at the 6th World Choir Games

At the recent World Choir Games held in the Chinese city of Shaoxing, one choir from Indonesia has drawn special attention. The Voca Erudita Student Choir was one of the ten champions at the contest; it was also entitled "the poorest Champion."

[Strange News]

  • An Australian online bank staged a publicity stunt that fulfilled the financial fantasies of hundreds of passersby - a real-life money tree. The event took place recently in Fleet Park in Sydney's famous Rocks area where a tree was covered in $5 Australian dollar bills from its lower branches to the top. So each bill would be worth around 30 Chinese yuan.
  • A drunk father in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, had all 12 points of his driver's license deducted and was fined 1,000 yuan ($147) after he had his 13-year-old son drive him home from a restaurant where he'd been drinking heavily in Liaocheng, Shandong Province.
  • A cross-dressing man was caught having sex with a dog in the dry moat of an English Heritage castle. The incident happened at King Henry VIII's Pendennis Castle overlooking Falmouth Bay in Cornwall.
  • A man surnamed Gao in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, who was reluctant to go to a hospital for treatment ultimately went to one after an exorcist who "treated" him beat him unconscious and fractured four of his left ribs.

[Flexible Segment ] Life of a Tibetan Monk

Modern society allows people in big cities to live rich and varied lives. But it also makes many of them loose inner purity and virtues in this impetuous world. In Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tibet, however, Yingying visited a Tibetan monk named Zhaxiwangla, who is living a simple life shut off from the noisy society.

Finland pavilion

When you imagine Finland, what do you think of? Nordic cross-country skiing? The home of Santa Claus? People sitting in saunas? or perhaps Nokia phones?
Well, the Finland Pavilion at the Shanghai world expo wants you to know that their country has all this, and much more.



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