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    2010-07-30 17:21:46     CRIENGLISH.com
Broadcasting Time: 14:00-17:00, 2010-07-30


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[Metro & Sports]

  • The police of Suichang County in east China's Zhejiang Province have canceled the detention warrant for a journalist who was accused by a local company of defamation.
  • A high-speed railway will be built in east China's Zhejiang later this year, linking Shanghai and Hangzhou.
  • A senior city official in the southern city of Guangzhou has reaffirmed that no action will be taken to scrap Cantonese in favor of Mandarin.
  • A newly published report says mid-sized and small cities will become more attractive to young college graduates.
  • Former NBA All-Star guard Stephon Marbury has committed himself to a Chinese Basketball club.
  • US police say Lorenzen Wright, a former NBA player, was shot to death.

[Real China]  A Trip to Japan

A group of children from China's Sichuan Province have taken part in a cultural exchange program touring around Japan's capital Tokyo. They all came from areas stricken by the magnitude 8 earthquake which killed almost 70,000 people on May 12th, 2008.

[Showbiz News]

  • A woman claiming to be the love child of Michael Jackson has demanded a DNA test to prove he is her father.
  • Star couple Daniel Wu and Lisa Selesner have held their wedding ceremony in Hong Kong.
  • Australian model Miranda Kerr is reportedly pregnant with her first baby with new husband Orlando Bloom, according to media reports.
  • During the summer vacation, Chinese children's are getting the opportunity to enjoy a great number of theatre productions. Among them is Alice in Wonderland, which is being staged by Montreal-based company L'Arsenal Musique.


We have three topics today. First, an Internet Group under the topic "parents are poison" has triggered a hot debate. Second, a poverty-stricken county in China is building a cultural palace with an investment of about 100 million yuan or nearly 15 million US dollars. But first, let's talk about Chinese movie director Feng Xiaogang's latest blockbuster Aftershock.

[Strange News]

  • The strongest and most expensive beer ever created sold out within hours, according to a Scottish brewery after they were criticized for packaging the bottles inside the bodies of stuffed animals.
  • The Chinese mainland ranks third from the bottom - or 37th among 40 countries and regions -- in a global index on the quality of care for people who are dying.
  • Pooping pigeons forced the US rock band, Kings of Leon, to abandon its concert in St Louis, Missouri after just three songs.
  • An alert bus driver from Guangzhou to Zhuhai, Guangdong Province was startled when he looked at a video monitor of the vehicle's luggage compartment and saw a large black suitcase apparently moving of its own accord.

[Flexible Segment] Spicy Nights of Beijing Salsa Dancing at 2010 Summer Latin Festival

Beijing's spicy summer nights are about to get just a little bit hotter, filled with sizzling salsa dancers and performances at various venues around Beijing with the first annual "2010 Summer Latin Festival" spinning off at The One Club on Friday, July 30th.

Red Braised Pork

Soft pork belly tenderly braised and drenched in a sweet, thick sauce makes for a rich dish originating from Shanghai, a city full of culinary delights. On today's Chinese Kitchen, Kelda Yuen picks up the wok with Chef Jiang and Candice Lee to learn how to make Red Braised Pork- a specialty of Black Sesame Kitchen owner Jen liu.



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