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    2010-07-27 17:29:52     CRIENGLISH.com
Broadcasting Time: 14:00-17:00, 2010-07-27


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[Metro & Sports]

  • An official has announced China stopped the Dalian oil spill from reaching international waters, admitting the clean-up work was "arduous."
  • Figures from environmental authorities show that the country's air quality has fallen in the first half of the year, the first such fall since 2005.
  • The Ministry of Health is considering lowering the level of iodine in table salt, despite an earlier statement that the level was appropriate for the majority of the population.
  • The attempt to expose offenders as a punishment is a long-held practice in China, which can be traced back to hundreds of years ago when criminals who had been sentenced to death would be paraded in the street and exposed to the public, to warn people not to break the law.
  • Spain's Alberto Contador secured a third Tour de France yellow jersey after the 20th and final stage to the Champs Elysees won by Briton Mark Cavendish.
  • Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has been welcomed by a crowd of over 1,600 Chinese fans in a talk show-style forum dubbed "Kobe 24" in Beijing.

[Real China]  University Graduates in the Countryside

Three university graduates used to run a successful software company in Zhejiang in East China. But they gave up their white-collar jobs to explore business opportunities in the countryside. Now they are breeding frogs in a small village in rural Zhejiang. What is it that they are willing to pursue at the expense of city life and an annual salary of 300,000 yuan?

[Showbiz News]

  • German prosecutors investigating the Love Parade stampede that killed 19 people, including a Chinese national, in Duisburg, have seized the event organisers' documents.
  • The kung-fu film "Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen" will be one of opening films of the 67th Venice Film Festival.
  • Actor Casey Affleck has denied claims that he sexually harassed a woman working on his documentary about actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Despite heavy rain, thousands of Lee-Hom Wang's fans came out to Ximending in Taipei for an autographing session for his upcoming album "Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi", which roughly translates to "Eighteen Techniques of Martial Arts".

[Cultural Voyage] Anti-parents

Following the perspective of some young people about the phenomenon, an expert in education gives his opinion on the so-called "rebellious group of the 80s and 90s".

[Strange News]

  • Police in the US state of Oklahoma say they are trying to identify a woman who used panties on her head as a disguise when she grabbed money from a McDonald's drive-through.
  • Driving a posh Lincoln Navigator to sell box lunches at an auto parts mall in western Beijing, a man nicknamed "Box Lunch Brother" has recently become notable on the Internet C thats according to the Beijing News.
  • Now showing in many countries except the US and Pakistan is the film Tere Bin Laden (Without You, Bin Laden). It is a Bollywood satirical comedy that tells the story of a young, enthusiastic Pakistani television journalist bent on earning a green card to the US, despite having been previously rejected multiple times.
  • An unidentified thief who was discovered stealing a cell phone on a bus in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province tried to escape a beating by passengers by stabbing himself with a hypodermic needle between his neck and right shoulder. To onlookers it appeared as if he had injected an unknown substance and was "dying."

[Flexible Segment ] One Day at the Expo

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is a great celebration in China's history. It's an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event that people will tell their grandchildren about.

Our reporter Liu Yan has followed a local Shanghai resident through the Expo garden to explore the culture and technologies on display from different countries.

[Chinese Music Chart]

Today, we'll check out the Top 10 songs on the latest Baidu Chinese Music Chart. It includes some of the most popular hits in the mando-pop music industry during the past week.



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