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    2010-06-29 17:41:53     CRIENGLISH.com
Broadcasting Time: 14:00-17:00, 2010-06-29


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[Metro & Sports]

  • Project's delay leaves Beijing thirsty
  • Hacking ring busted over test scores
  • Silicon Workers Suffer from Fatal Disease
  • Cops give green light to Hilton
  • Netherlands beats Slovakia 2-1 at World Cup
  • Tennis: Lu dedicates shock Wimbledon win to dead father

[Real China] A tale of two cities: Liverpool and Shanghai

Shanghai and the city of Liverpool in northwest England are sister cities. In the Urban Best Practices Area at the Shanghai Expo Park, Liverpool is promoting the relationship between the two cities as well as sharing its experience in reviving and preserving old neighborhoods.

[Showbiz News]

  • US TV host Oprah Winfrey has been named the most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine.
  • The Chinese documentary film "The Bund", which is dedicated to the Shanghai World Expo, has been screened to a limited audience in Beijing.
  • A set of three X-rays of Marilyn Monroe's chest taken during a 1954 hospital visit have sold for 45,000 US dollars in Las Vegas.
  • Hong Kong pop singer Faye Wong will perform five solo concerts in Beijing this fall, Sohu.com reports.

[Cultural Voyage] James Montoya & Roger Harris

It is estimated there are about 4,000 elementary and middle schools currently providing Chinese language classes in the United States, a drastic increase from 220 as reported in 2004.
Since 2006, a program called "Chinese Bridge" has been held every year in cooperation between Hanban, commonly known as the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and the American College Board. The program invites principals from American schools and education officials to China so as to improve communication and cooperation between the two countries and assist in sending Chinese language teachers to the US.

[Olympic reports] Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer. The best hybrid comedy about football and kung fu ever to come out of Hong Kong.

[Strange News]

  • A French convict who killed his cellmate and ate his lung has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.
  • A 24-year-old man named Huzi from Sanmenxia, Henan Province, has posted an appeal on his blog looking for a dead woman to "marry" his older brother, 31, who is dying of cirrhosis of the liver. The deceased "bride" should be about 30, single and with no bad history.
  • The Naked Cowboy, a fixture of New York's Times Square, is suing a "Naked Cowgirl" he claims is ripping off his street musician act.
  • If employers throughout China are seeing a surge in authorized sick leaves recently, blame the World Cup. Online searches reveal that the phrase "World Cup sick leave" brings almost 140,000 results for a slew of sites offering sick leave certificates in virtually every province, from top-level hospitals to community health centers.

[Flexible Segment] Music makes our city better

Shanghai can be regarded as China's cultural centre during the World Expo, with cultural activities sprouting everywhere in the city.

This June, the expo park has welcomed a famous Argentine musician named Gustavo Santaolalla. What kind of music is he set to introduce and what's his understanding of the theme of the Shanghai Expo "Better City, Better Life"?

Chinese Music Chart

We'll check out the Top 10 songs on the latest Baidu Chinese Music Chart. It includes some of the most popular hits in the mando-pop music industry during the past week.



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