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Tiger Huang
    2009-05-01 17:57:05     CRIENGLISH.com

She's been hailed as "the Queen of Pubs" in Taiwan. Her deep voice and soulful style is unique, and over the years has attracted many fans. She has been deeply influenced by western pop music, and she can sing equally well in both Chinese and English, so much so that she has become the top live entertainer in Taiwan. Indeed, these talents have established a strong base for her live performing abilities.

Today our champion is Tiger Huang Xiao Hu, who is also known as the Live Super Queen in Taiwan. Our reporter Xu Weiyi has story.

Taiwan Singer Tiger Huang Xiaohu [photo: ent.163.com]

Tiger Huang Xiao Hu was inspired by music at an early age. When she was just a child she was recruited by chance, to sing in a famous choir of mainly aristocratic kids. She said she worked extremely hard for this god given chance. The turning point in Tiger's singing career came in 1982, when she was chosen to perform as the leading singer in a pub.

"I've been singing in pubs and doing live performances for decades, I never want to give up, it's all because of my fans in terms of encouraging me to keep singing and making me confident. They will never leave me, even though I haven't released a new album for a long time."

Tiger Huang recorded her first single in 1989, it was for a various artist compilation album, unfortunately it didn't make much of an impact on the Chinese music scene, but it did get noticed by a small record company in Taiwan, the Coden Music Company which asked her to appear at an Asian Singing competition held in Hong Kong where she took 4th place. It was another very important turning point for her, eventually her first album titled 'More Than Friends' was released in 1990, and the albums title song became a big hit all over Asia. She later won outstanding music awards as the Best New Idol and the Best Recording in Taiwan.

Between 1993 and 1994 Tiger Huang released three English albums 'The Rose', 'Over the Rainbow' and 'All By Myself' which garnered her many new fans in Taiwan and also in the overseas market. Last year, Tiger Huang had her first American concert in LA, all of the tickets were sold out for the show making it a big box office hit. In the future she says she would like to hold more concerts in other cities in America, including Las Vegas and New York.

"I had never expected to hold such a big concert in America before, fortunately my dreams came true last year, and the most amazing thing was that the tickets for the show completely sold out! People came from all over America, some drove their car for four or five hours to see my concert, some traveled even longer distances. I really appreciated it. And I would like to hold more live concerts in the near future in order to appreciate my fans."

The cover of her album "The Voice" [photo: ent.qq.com]

Tiger has been travelling around the world performing for many years, she has also released three hugely successful live concert CDs called 'The Voice'.

Last year Tiger Huang held five sell out concerts in Taipei, then toured Taiwan. Last month she kicked off her 2009 Tour with 3 sold out shows in Taipei, and will hold concerts around Taiwan before heading back to the city for more sold out shows later this month.

Tiger Huang Xiao Hu hasn't released an album for quite a long time, but that's about to change, following her regular appearances on the popular Chinese TV talent show, Happy Day. She now has many adoring young fans who appreciate her brilliant voice In addition, Warner Music Taiwan has showed a lot of interest in the star.

"Warner Music really helped me to record a brand new EP which was released just before my current concerts started. The people who are going to my concerts will be able to hear some new songs from my EP before my new album comes out. I think I will be very busy producing my new album after my concerts are over."

It's now been eight years since Tiger Huang recorded an album. At the end of last year she signed a new recording contract with Warner Music. The company has given her a lot of freedom with the making of her album. The forty six year old star always thinks positively about her career and strives to do more. She especially enjoys working with the team of people around her and treats them as family members.

"I really appreciate being a member of Warner Music Tai Pei, they respect and support me in my way of making music. I'm so happy to work with them. I believe that with their continued support my new album will be of a very high quality. Its feels good to have such a great team."

Moreover, Tiger Huang says she would like to do more promotion in the Chinese mainland in the near future.

For Beyond Beijing, I'm Xu Weiyi.



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