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Hengdian World Studios
    2008-01-15 17:45:05     CRIENGLISH.com


A movie set: The Palace of Emperor Qin [photo source: izy.cn]


Located in the town of Hengdian in Dongyang City in the central portion of Zhejiang Province, Hengdian World Studios is often called the "Chinese Hollywood". The studios make use of 13 movie sets in a total area of 330 hectares. All of the locations are open to the public as theme parks. Visitors here can view the movie sets, watch movie stunt projects, or even participate in the shooting of their own film.

--Among the Attractions:

1. The Palace of Emperor Qin

The Emperor Qin Palace set was built for filming the historical movie Emperor and the Assassin in 1997.

There are 27 magnificent palaces. The main palace includes the Unification Hall which is divided into a front, center and back hall, in addition to east and west halls, and east and west corridors. The palace is superb.

A flight of 99 stairs leads from the gate to the palace spanning more than 600 meters from the front to the back. The square at the front of the palace can accommodate more than 10,000 people.

There is also a "Qin and a Han Street." The dusty road, and storefronts built in the Han style are a reproduction of the ancient markets from more than 2000 years ago.

Zhang Yimou's film Hero and Chen Kaige's film Wuji were both filmed here.

2. The Palace of Ming & Qing

The Peking Imperial Palace was the prototype for this movie set. The Ming and Qing Palace is a replica built to a 1 to 1 ratio of the original.

It was constructed in a series of 4 capital palaces, with a royal garden, a prince's residence and civil houses.

There is one little difference between the real Forbidden City and the imitation--there is no painting of Chairman Mao hanging above the city gate of the latter. One more difference--if you want to experience a quiet Tiananmen square without the thousands of tourists crowding around, this is the place to go.

3. Qingmingshanghetu Painting Base

This movie set is an ancient masterpiece of art that has been transformed into real life. The original painting, painted by Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty, vividly captures the prosperous life of the great empire's capital.

It includes the mayor's office, villages, urban streets, folk houses, even opera stages and the arch bridge over the river, all of these buildings come together to bring people back to the ancient urban life of the Song Dynasty.

Many TV series and movies depicting ancient China were filmed here. If you take a good look at this area you may find that some of the scenes look quite familiar.


Hengdian is the largest film production site in Asia, and many film crews can be found here all year round, including many international film and TV stars. If you find you are living next door to Jackie Chan, or eating in the same restaurant as Brendan Fraser, do not be too surprised. The locals have already gotten used to this.

--Take part in a film

Do you want to be a film star? Hengdian World Studios can make your dream become true. "The DV Show with You" tourism project provides everything you need: scripts, costumes, camera crews and postproduction service.

Just choose your favorite story and the service package and you can become a film star by the end of the day.

There are also games to imitate the plots of famous TV series filmed here. Tourists can take on the roles from the original version, or if they want they can change the role and make it their own.

--How to get there:

By train: From the Hangzhou train station, visitors can get off the train at the Yiwu Station, and go to Hengdian by commuter bus from the Yiwu bus station.

A commuter bus leaves for Dongyang City every 15 minutes from the Hangzhou South Bus Station. From the Dongyang bus station, visitors can take a special bus or a taxi to Hengdian for less than 20 Yuan.

In Hengdian, the buses serve every movie set for the purchase of a 1 Yuan ticket.

--How much does it cost:

Admission Fee: The Emperor Qin Palace: 60 Yuan / 8 US dollars

The Ming & Qing Palace: 60 Yuan / 8 US dollars

Guangzhou Street & Hong Kong Street: 60 Yuan / 8 US dollars

Qingmingshanghetu: 60 Yuan / 8 US dollars

Other movie sets: From 20 to 60 Yuan / 3 to 8 US dollars

Overall Ticket: 340 Yuan / 47 US dollars

DV Show with You: One show should include at least 25 people, and the price starts from 60 Yuan per person.

--Open time:

Movie Sets: 8:0017:00
Night tour in the riverside town: 16:3022:00

--What & where to eat:

There is a food court in the center of town with different cuisines from all over the country. There are also several cafes in the town center.

--Where to stay:

There are many hotels of various levels in Hengdian. Visitors can choose according to their preference and budget.

International Conference Center Hotel: 4 stars
International Trade Hotel: 3 stars
Bianjing Grand Hotel: 2 stars

---When to go:

Hengdian is in southeast China and the winters here are cold and humid. So it is best to visit here during the spring, summer or autumn.


1. The movie sets are located in different areas around the town center, so please prepare some change for the buses.

2. There is a bonfire party in the Riverside Town Square every night.

3. Have your camera ready all the timeno one knows when you may come across a super star.



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