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• Trip to Tibet Potala Palace
We first went to the Tibet Museum in the afternoon to learn about local history. Visitors are allowed to take photos of many museum pieces such as the Tangka paintings and statues of Buddha.
• Altitude Sickness, Stunning Landscapes
The flight from Beijing to Lhasa was at 9.05am. It was the first time we were visiting Tibet. We were excited, but also a little concerned about altitude sickness.
• Cross-Straits Dragon Boat Race to Kick off in Xiamen
The 3rd cross-straits dragon boat race will kick off in Jimei District of Xiamen city on May 24th to welcome the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and promote friendly relationships across the Straits. Now the boating teams are speeding up their preparation.
•  To the Edge of Sky, Rim of Sea

Because of our tight schedule, we arrived at "Tianya Haijiao" at about two o'clock in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day when one should avoid outdoor activities, especially in the tropical Sanya.
•  Sanya Torch Relay Stop- Haiyue Plaza
The name of "Haiyue (sea moon)" was derived from a famous poem by ancient Chinese poet Zhang Jiuling. "Luminous, the moon bursts out of the sea; linking far apart lovers, blessing you and me.," two lines in the poem reads.
•  Heaven is Far, Sanya is Not
Maybe you've heard about the beauty of Sanya for a thousand times, and have seen it a lot on the TV broadcast of Miss World Pageant show or in romantic Chinese TV dramas. Believe me, it's a different thing to see the tropical paradise with your own eyes.
• Yuexiu Choir, Sing Aloud!

It is the locally famous Yuexiu Choir, a group with more than 200 members in total. No one would believe that all these excellent singers are merely everyday retired workers and most of them are over 55 years of age! And you will surely be amazed at their beautiful voice...

Video Show  
 Kumbum Monastery and National Highway 109 in Qinghai Province
  Paralympic Champion Hou Bin's Wishes
  Kind Words from Zheng Xiaoying

Teahouse Crosstalk of Tianjin
Crosstalk, a traditional Chinese folk art that is gradually losing popularity among television audiences, gains momentum for renaissance in teahouses in northern China's Tianjin Municipality.
Charming Ancient Town Yangliuqing
Yangliuqing, an ancient town in the west of northern China's Tianjin Municipality, is famous for its folk art, especially its New Year woodblock paintings.
A Beidaihe Native Returns to the Seaside Resort after 20 Years
I was born in Qinhuangdao and lived there for six years. During that period, I went to Beidaihe almost every week, especially in the summer. As I remember it, this famous resort was full of visitors, but the seawater and beach was dirty.

2008 Memory
Connie Mom: Everyone Can Be Olympic Hero
She is a lovely American woman who exudes warmth and kindness. She is a renowned speech coach in China, and her students have won many medals in CCTV Cup speech competitions.
A Quality Life in Yantai: Michel Humbert
Michel Humbert, a 71-year-old French business man, says Yantai in eastern Shandong Province is the best place to live and invest in China.

My Olympic Story
Shijiazhuang Citizens Make Handicrafts to Welcome Olympic Flame and the Olympic Games
As the torch relay will arrive in Shijiazhuang on July 29, lots of citizens in the city have made various handicrafts to celebrate the meaningful moment and welcome the upcoming Olympic Games.
Bus Driver Creates "Olympic Dragon" in Seven Days
On July 29, the Olympic torch relay will make its journey to Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei, the nearest province to Beijing.
Tianjin Torch Bearer Huang Qixing: Two Lives of A Returned Overseas Chinese Scientist
Seventy-nine-year-old returned overseas Chinese scientist Huang Qixing is the oldest torch bearer of the relay in Tianjin.

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