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Ways to Listen

 When I click a link, my media player opens, but I don't hear any audio.

 First, make sure that you have a recent version of your media player and download a newer version if necessary. If this is not the case, check whether there is a "firewall" enabled on your network...

 I hear the wrong story or see a "file not found" error.

 In many cases, this kind of problem is our fault! Please take a moment to contact us and be sure to specify which page you were on when you clicked the link to listen to the audio, and what story or program you expected to hear.

 My player opens, but the sound is spiccato as the player often falls into the buffering state.

 Audio streaming costs a large capability of CRI's audio server and we can only support a limited number of users listening simultaneously. When the user number comes to its maximum, the streaming speed will be slowed down and your player may be in a buffering state. CRI continues to consider providing better service...

 When I click the 'Play' button, it shows 'Ready' but I can't hear any sound.

 You can change the settings of your Microsoft Media Player, which may be helpful. Open the Media Player software and select 'Tools' from the menu. Click 'Options' and find the 'Network' section. In the box of Streaming proxy settings, select 'MMS' and click 'Configure' button. Then change the proxy settings to 'Autodetect proxy settings' and click 'OK'.
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What makes you happy?
A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
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Transcend Yourself
Transcendence is one of the core concepts of the Paralympics. In your life, have you ever transcended yourself to reach a goal? Have you achieved something that you normally wouldn't be able to do? [China Drive]

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