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People & Places
Oprah Tops Forbes 100
Winfrey, who came in third last year, was doing good business in show business this year.
Chongqing Spicy Hotpot
A diner says hotpot is something more than nice to eat.
Unified City Image Necessary?
Policies to unify the image of cities in some areas of China have triggered intensive discussion.
Japanese Students Show Great Interest In China 
A group of Japanese high school students are visiting high schools in Beijing.
Bollywood Comes to Beijing
If you look on a map of India, you won't be able to find Bollywood.
Returned Chinese Students 
Statistics from the Ministry of Education shows that averagely 35000 Chinese overseas students return to China.
Beijing Commences Civility Campaign
The campaign is now in its fifth month, as the city attempts to eradicate queue-jumping before next year's Olympics.
Ten Cultural Treasures Return to Yuanmingyuan Park
The artefacts include a pair of fish sculptures and eight white marble carvings.
Zou Jingzhi
Zou Jingzhi is a famous writer responsible for numerous record-breaking TV shows and movie scrips.
Jim Carrey Back to Comedy Films
The movie will possibly be produced by French director Luc Besson.
Journey to Hongcun
Hongcun village at the foot of Yellow Mountain has long been regarded as one of China's most beautiful ancient villages.
Capoeira Tigre Negro
Leeroy Philpotts came to Beijing six months ago and started teaching capoeira in March this year.
Japan's Dancer Crowned Miss Universe
20-year-old Japanese dancer Riyo Mori has been crowned Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City.
Tian Han
If playwright Cao Yu opened a new page for Chinese drama, then Tian Han consolidated this art's status.
A 70-Year-Old's Passion for Africa
He is a Chinese man who enjoys photography and is curious about everything new.
Zang Jianzhong and Huishan Clay
Zang Jianzhong says it was a big challenge for him to start learning at his age.
 Xia Jia (1)
In these two days' show, we'll feature a Chinese jazz pianist Xia Jia, and his several band projects.
Yao Jianhua, Prince of the Bamboo Flute
Yao Jianhua was born in a village of Haimen in Jiangsu province in 1980. A black and white television brought him much of his entertainment.
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Web Extra
Countdown to 2009
A wonderful Time of the Year: on Christmas Eve of 2008
Shenzhen Memory
When Modern Dance Meets a Lover of the East

What makes you happy?
A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
 Join us in Talk China
Transcend Yourself
Transcendence is one of the core concepts of the Paralympics. In your life, have you ever transcended yourself to reach a goal? Have you achieved something that you normally wouldn't be able to do? [China Drive]

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