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Life in China
Change with That?
Are you getting all you bargained for at Origus Pizza restaraunt in Beijing? A young lady with the surname Lu doesn't think she did.
Tourists in Tibet
Sales of entrance tickets to Potala Palace were brisk in railway-linked Tibet last year, but political advisors and legislators worry that more tourists will be disappointed...
Internet Quality Education to Save 'Internet Children'
Young people in Beijing spend an average of three hours every day surfing the internet during the winter and summer vacations.
Odour Cabs
A POLITICAL adviser and frequent visitor to Beijing says the odor inside so many taxis is so offensive it may tarnish the city's image in the 2008 Olympic Games.
Wedding Industry Booms in China
Over 350 Chinese and 11 oversea companies are promoting wedding services at the National Wedding Service Expo.
Tourist Enjoy Toilet Tricycles
Beijing is providing tricycles solely to be used to get visitors to the nearest restroom.
Lantern Festival, Sweet Dumplings and a Lunar Eclipse
Already, Yuanxiao is selling well at supermarkets and time-honored brands.
Beijing Promises Excellent Accommodation
As the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games draw nearer, overseas athletes and fans begin to wonder about accommodation.
New Policy about Street Venders in Shanghai
The new policy, saying as long as there's no rejection from citizens, street vendors can set up shop purely to provide residents with everyday products.
Baby-Care Counseling
Baby-care counseling has emerged as a new profession to help new parents.
Holiday Pay: A Beauty Too Far Away
Few people actually get paid for extra work over the holidays, which is a distorture of the Labor Laws.
Beijing Ski Resorts to Close in Advance
Because of the warm winter this year, all the ski resorts in Beijing will close in advance.
Holiday Wrap
Beijing's streets were rather quiet over the holidays, but news never stops in the technology world.
First Yuezi Club Opens in Shanghai
The first yuezi club offering care to mothers who have just given birth has just opened in Shanghai.
Shanghai Readers Buy More Investment Books
Many people spend their holidays browsing finance books in the store.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Flash Movie
A netizen named A Gui has created a series of flash movies to extend Chinese New Year greetings on the web.
DIY Cake
For most Chinese, 'cooking skills' do not include the baking of cakes. But in recent years, this craft is gaining popularity.
Lucky Money A Huge Burden to Chinese
The giving out of "Yasuiqian", or Lucky money is a New Year tradition for Chinese people.
New Year Preparation in Xuzhou
In east China's Xuzhou, the festive celebration to usher in the Spring Festival starts as early as Laba.
The Boss Treats Migrant Workers
A construction industry boss has provided a year-end feast for all the migrant workers working for him.
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Web Extra
Countdown to 2009
A wonderful Time of the Year: on Christmas Eve of 2008
Shenzhen Memory
When Modern Dance Meets a Lover of the East

What makes you happy?
A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
 Join us in Talk China
Transcend Yourself
Transcendence is one of the core concepts of the Paralympics. In your life, have you ever transcended yourself to reach a goal? Have you achieved something that you normally wouldn't be able to do? [China Drive]

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