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Life in China
Job-Hunters Don't Need Overseas Internships
Human resources managers say college students should carefully consider their options for internships in foreign countries.
Beijing to Get Rid of Bad English Translation
By the end of this year, the task of improving the bilingual public signs will be finished.
Students Exchange Contact Information Cards
The latest popular trend among primary school students in Guangzhou is - Exchanging business cards!
Online Gaming Rules Help Internet Addicts
China's over 30 million online gamers must soon give their real names to access the virtual world.
Public Services Not Equally Allocated at Each Vocation
Survey shows most people shy away from blue-collar jobs.
Childbirth Video in School Draws Doubts
A primary school broadcasted a childbirth video in class to instill in students greater respect for their mothers.
Shanghai's Quality of Life Ranks 100th in the World
The quality of life in China's economic powerhouse, Shanghai, ranks 100th among 215 global cities.
US Panda Breeding
Officials at the National Zoo in Washington DC expect to know whether their latest efforts to impregnate giant panda Mei Xiang have been successful.
Chinese People Honor Ancestors on Qingming Festival
Thursday marks China's traditional Tomb Sweeping Day, a time to honor ancestors.
Proposals for National Book Day Publicly Debated
A survey shows that the percentage of Chinese people reading books has fallen for a sixth consecutive year to less than 50%.
Priority For Overseas Chinese Children Sparks Debate
The move is aimed at encouraging talented overseas Chinese to contribute to the country's prosperity.
Dragon Statue in Central China Sparks Controversy
The construction of a 21-kilometer-long concrete and marble dragon  has aroused plenty of debate.
"Three Mini-Links" Project Includes Penghu
Taiwan opens its Penghu island to Chinese mainland starting from Sunday.
Beijing Restaurant BYO Debate
A customer has successfully sued a Beijing restaurant after he was charged 100 yuan for bringing his own beverages.
Environmentally-friendly Burial Booming in China
A recent trend has emerged in China towards environmentally-friendly funerals.
Hong Kong Pop Idol Tragedy
One fan's trip to Hong Kong to see Andy Lau has ended in tragedy after the star refused to meet her in private.
Flu Cases on the Rise in HK
The number of influenza cases in the community has continued to increase since February.
Good Looks Help In Getting A Job?
As the competition in finding a decent job has become fiercer and fiercer.
An Open Reading Environment Even More Important than Books Day
April 2 will be assigned as its annual Book Day for Young People.
Concern Over Celebrities in Fake Ads
The public are once again waggling their fingers at celebrities who misuse their star power.
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Web Extra
Countdown to 2009
A wonderful Time of the Year: on Christmas Eve of 2008
Shenzhen Memory
When Modern Dance Meets a Lover of the East

What makes you happy?
A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
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Transcend Yourself
Transcendence is one of the core concepts of the Paralympics. In your life, have you ever transcended yourself to reach a goal? Have you achieved something that you normally wouldn't be able to do? [China Drive]

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