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Abbas Criticizes Hamas for Using Force in Gaza Takeover 
Mahmoud Abbas has harshly criticized Hamas for using force to take over Gaza last week.
Abbas Swears in Emergency Cabinet 
Mahmoud Abbas has sworn in an emergency Cabinet to replace the unity government.
UN Meets African Union over Darfur Peacekeeping Mission
United Nations Security Council ambassadors met with African Union officials in Addis Ababa on Saturday.
Palestinians Divided as Hamas Rules in Gaza, West Bank by Fatah 
Abbas moved quickly to cement his rule in the West Bank on Friday.
Palestine: Abbas Declares State of Emergency 
Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency.
"Referendum" Promoted by Chen Shui-bian Slammed 
Yang Yi says the real aim of the so-called "referendum" is to split the island from China.
UN Envoy Raises Alarm about Situation in Middle East 
"The picture which emerges is very dark, and apparently getting darker."
UN Chief Expresses Concern over Mideast Situation
Ban Ki-moon urges the international community to do more to tackle the problems.
Hu Jintao Hails Fast Development of Sino-Swedish Economic Ties 
Hu Jintao has hailed the rapid development of Sino-Swedish ties.
Russian FM Urges US to Stop Missile Defence Plans in Europe
He warns the plans could hamper efforts to ease international concerns about Iran's nuclear program.
G-8 Summit Concludes
Leaders from the Group of Eight leading industrialized powers conclude their annual summit.
Hu Urges "Common But Differentiated Responsibilities" to Tackle Climate Change 
Hu made the call while addressing a meeting.
G8 Summit Opens in Germany
The G8 Summit has kicked off in the German town of Heiligendamm.
Zapatero Statement after ETA Calls off Ceasefire 
The armed Basque separatist group ETA has called off its 15-month-old cease-fire.
Putin Warns of Retaliation to Missile Plan
Putin criticized the White House plan to place a radar in the Czech Republic.
China, South Korea and Japan to Promote Common Development
FMs of the three countries expressed this will at a ministerial meeting Sunday.
US-India Nuclear Deal Talks Fail
India and the United States were unable to resolve all their differences during three days of talks.
UN Chief Rebuffed Threats Linking Beijing Olympics to Darfur Crisis 
 Ban Ki- moon has rebuffed threats of linking Beijing's Olympics to the Darfur crisis.
Bush Nominates Zoellick the President of World Bank 
US President George W. Bush tapped Robert Zoellick, to run the World Bank.
FM Describes Meeting with EU Leaders as "Constructive"
Yang Jiechi says China and Europe have "a vast potential to tap".
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